4 Powerful Hair Care Products To Treat Hair Loss After Childbirth

Marsha Beauty – Marshalova, being a mother is of course a happiness because she is blessed with a cute baby. However, there are various problems that arise after the birth process such as hair loss. If you are currently experiencing it, it means you need to do proper treatment for hair loss after giving birth with some of the products recommended by Marsha Beauty in this article.

Causes of Hair Loss After Childbirth

Hair loss after childbirth is a natural condition. This is because during pregnancy, hair enters the growth phase more due to increased levels of the hormone estrogen.

Meanwhile, when the birth process has taken place, the level of the hormone estrogen will decrease, making hair fall out simultaneously. That is the reason why hair loss after childbirth which is also called telogen effluvium based on medical science.

Postpartum Hair Loss Care Product Recommendations

Here are some recommendations for the best hair care products for the treatment of hair loss that occurs after childbirth. Curious? Come on, scroll below:

Natur Natural Extract Shampoo Ginseng Extract

Shampoo products that can overcome postpartum hair loss, one of which is Natur Natural Extract Shampoo Ginseng Extract. The content of Ginseng extract which is believed to be able to improve the texture and roots of the hair will certainly be better for the condition of your hair loss.

Not only that, this shampoo from Natur also works with several other ingredients.

A combination of legundi fruit extract (vitex trifolia), moringa oleifera leaf extract, and others can make hair healthy again. Hair will be nourished with care starting from the roots so that it grows strong and reduces loss.

Cocona Care Natural Shampoo

You can also use this shampoo product for hair loss treatment after childbirth. This shampoo with pure coconut oil is nutritious to nourish the hair and scalp to grow strong. There is also the content of lemon oil that can balance the pH of the scalp to reduce dandruff, fungus and accelerate hair regeneration.

Regular use can restore moisture and protect hair from other damage. The fresh and fragrant aroma that is evoked makes you more comfortable. The use of this shampoo can be for all hair types. In addition, this shampoo is also free from parabens, silicone and artificial dyes. So, it is very suitable for use as a hair loss care product after childbirth.

ERHA Hairgrow Shampoo

Ginseng content is known to be effective in overcoming the problem of hair loss. ERHA Hairgrow Shampoo also uses Ginseng and Pumpkin Seed extracts to stimulate hair growth. The combination of these ingredients is also able to improve blood circulation to make hair and scalp healthy.

The results of regular use can strengthen and thicken hair after severe hair loss. This product is specially formulated by a dermatologist so that you can improve the condition of your hair more optimally. Do not forget to avoid hair styling such as smoothing or others to make the hair recovery process more maximal.

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TRESemme Hair Fall Control Shampoo

TRESemme products are already widely known as one of the products that can overcome hair problems, including postpartum loss. The formula of Chia Seed Oil, amino acids and vitamins are blended to be able to reduce the problem of weight loss. Keratin technology is also able to manage hair that is prone to damage.

You can use this shampoo every day because it is guaranteed safe. Maximum application will speed up the recovery process on the hair. Hair is easy to manage, not stiff, thick and healthy is no longer an illusion, because you can realize it by using TRESemme Hair Fall Control Shampoo on a regular basis.

Those are the 4 hair care products that are recommended as a solution for hair loss after childbirth. Which postpartum hair loss treatment product are you interested in trying, Marshalova?