Services and In-room Facilities in Hotel 81 Singapore

In Singapore, if you want to stay overnight, Hotel 81 is one of the best places. It is a strategic hotel that has a good location, near many famous places. The address is at 3 Dickson Road, Little India, Singapore, 209530. When you arrive there, you will see many facilities and get many services from hotel and in-room facilities. Here is a list of them.

Hotel Services

All hotels have different services, but soma is common. Here is a list of services that you get as a guest there.

  1. Express Check-In

You can enter the hotel and get the best room at an affordable price quickly. So, if you are in a hurry or have a busy schedule, this service will help a lot.

  1. Express Check-Out

Not only for check-in, but you can also check out efficiently. But, you need to know when is the time to check out. If you do not understand, you can ask the front office worker when you check in.

  1. 24-Hour Security

You do not need to worry about security. It is because this hotel has 24 hours of a security system. The hotel has many CCTV too. So, all the guests can make sure that they will be safe during the staycation.

  1. Laundry Service

A busy schedule can make you feel exhausted. But how can you miss the dirty clothes when you bring only a few clothes? Don’t worry, because you can get a laundry service that will make your dirty clothes clean. So, you can wear it the next day to do some other activities during the holiday.

  1. Luggage Storage

Whether you are a backpacker or not, luggage is a big deal. So, you need luggage storage in the hotel to keep all the things neatly. If you stay at Hotel 81, you can save it in the luggage storage that is provided with a spacious area.

  1. Multilingual Staff

If you can speak English well or have some troubles with the language, you do not need to worry. It is because this hotel has multilingual staff that will help you to get the best services.

  1. Tours

Go to some entertaining place is very good, especially for tourists. You can have a tour when you arrive in Singapore and stay in this hotel. The tour guide is very kind and you can make a good experience there.

  1. 24-Hour Receptionist

If you come late at night or early in the morning, you can go to the 24 hours receptionist that will give the best service. You can get a good room anytime, and you do not need to wait for so long.

In-room Facilities

This hotel in Singapore also has some in-room facilities. In your room, you will see a cable TV. So, when you are tired or want to see some entertainment, you can get it from the TV channel. If you want to clean yourself after exercising or have a tour, you can have some facilities from the hotel too. For example, the hairdryer, shower, and in-room bathroom.