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How to Travel Bali with Low Budget

Bali is one of budget friendly destination that can you visit on holiday. You can more easy to see the island and no worry about breaking your bank. Though busy with many tourist, Bali still suprisingly affordable to look. Depending on accomodation style that you need, here Bali Villas Rental gives the information about how to travel Bali with low budget.

1. Meals

Even the hotels in Bali insanely expensive, the cuisine alone will make it worth. Mouthwatering dishes for example noodles, fried rice, martabak pancakes anda satays are abounding.

Street food and local food can be cheaper between $1 USD with a platefull of rice, chicken and veggies only set you back for about $1.50 USD. You can choose warungs as local restaurants that give you cheap prices featuring any foods from Indonesia.

2. Spa service

One example of biggest attractions in Bali is spa services. You can enjoy message from message house on nearly every corner, one-hour message only need arround $6 USD or 80.000 IDR.

3. Activities

There is so much activities that can yo see or do in there. For tours around Bali island, you can hire local driver also split the cost with fellow traveler. It can make you save some money to other necessity. You can hire dirver less than $23 USD or 300.00 IDR for the day and visit sites like the Pura Gunung Kawi dan Mt. Batur.

4. Shopping

Bali also known as amasing play to shoping local artisans. You can visit Ubud market and shopingg things with half initial price for most vendors ask. Usually those are sale with the low price about $4 USD or 50.000 IDR.

Above is information about how to travel Bali with low budget. You can go there with Bali Villas Rental. As you know that Bali Villas R Us will makes your journey so happy, pleace acces on Bali Villas R Us now.